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Part# / OEM Ref# Description In
New Offering
03167960 GEAR PARTS KIT Yes  
1190792 RING & PINION GEAR SET Call  
1990711 RING & PINION GEAR SET Call  
199-0767 GEAR Call  
207-5964 GEAR Call  
208-7788 PINION GEAR Yes  
2087823 SUN GEAR Yes  
208-7823 SUN GEAR Yes  
208-7894 SHAFT Call  
208-9012 RING & PINION GEAR SET Yes  
209-4153 RING GEAR Yes  
209-4159 GEAR Yes  
209-7461 RING GEAR Yes  
2100967 GEAR PARTS KIT Yes  
2113413 RING GEAR Yes  
2113414 PINION GEAR Yes  
215-9546 WHEEL CARRIER Yes  
222-7127 SHAFT Yes  
222-7130 GEAR - BEVEL Call  
223-4312 GEAR PARTS KIT Call  
223-4317 DRIVE SHAFT Yes  
229-5625 RING & PINION GEAR SET Call  
229-5626 BEVEL GEAR / PINION SET Call  
229-5628 GEAR PARTS KIT Call  
2308943 SHAFT Yes  
230-8943 SHAFT Yes  
320-7297 RING & PINION GEAR SET Call  
320-7315 SHAFT Yes  
320-8586 WHEEL CARRIER Call  
320-8606 GEAR Yes  
320-9328 RING & PINION GEAR SET Call  
501868 BEVEL GEAR Call  
504486 SUN GEAR Yes  
508207 GEAR Yes  
7T3016 SYNCHRO Call  
7T3021 SYNCHRO Call  
ABP3002677 GEAR Call  
ABP3004458 RING GEAR Call  

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Differential Gears, Shafts - I/C





6E1279 Exchange 12G Main Pump
8J6731 Exchange 12G/120G/130G/140G Pump & Cooling
8J0498 Exchange 12G/120G/130G/140G Pump w/o Cooling
8J6730 Exchange 12G/120G/130G/140G Pump w/o Cooling
4T0501 Exchange 12G/120G/130G/140G160G Pump
8J6155 Exchange 12G/120G/140G Pump & Cooling
9T5611 Exchange 14/16G Grader Pump
8J6168 Exchange 14G & 16G Main Pump & Cooling
9T3547 Exchange 14G & 16G Main Pump & Cooling
4T2768 Exchange 14G & 16G Main Pump & Cooling
4T2767 Exchange 14G & 16G Main Pump w/o Cooling
8J6855 Exchange 14G & 16G Main Pump w/o cooling
9T5456 Exchange 14G & 16G Pump New Style
6E3137 Exchange 160H Grader Pump
6E3139 Exchange 16H Grader Pump
5W7989 Exchange 205 Main Pump
8U3265 Exchange 205 Travel Motor
5W7990 Exchange 212 Main Pump
4T7025 Exchange 215 Main Pump
1U4748 Exchange 215 Main Pump
8J6853 Exchange 215 Main Pump
8J6848 Exchange 215 Swing & Track Motor
1U2767 Exchange 215 Travel Motor (Large)
9T6713 Exchange 215B Main Pump w/o Aux. Pump
9T6714 Exchange 215B Main Pump w/o Aux. Pump
9T7156 Exchange 215B Main Pump w/o Aux. Pump
9T4731 Exchange 215B Main Pump w/o Aux. Pump
9T0992 Exchange 215B Main Pump w/o Aux. Pump
9T0670 Exchange 215B/215D/219D Track Motor
9T9353 Exchange 215D Main Pump w/o Aux. Pump
9T9352 Exchange 219D Main Pump w/o Aux. Pump
9J9362 Exchange 225 Main Pump
3G3287 Exchange 225 Main Pump
8J8723 Exchange 225 Main Pump
4T7426 Exchange 225 Main Pump
8J2344 Exchange 225 Main Pump
3G0784 Exchange 225 Swing & Track Motor
8J0448 Exchange 225 Swing & Track Motor
9T4732 Exchange 225B & 229 Main Pump
9T0999 Exchange 225B & 229 Swing & Track Motor
9T9350 Exchange 225D Main Pump
9T5187 Exchange 225D Main Pump
9T9351 Exchange 225D Main Pump
9T9604 Exchange 225D Swing Motor
9T1208 Exchange 227/229/231/235/245 Track Motor
3G3843 Exchange 229/235/245 Swing & Track Motor
9T9348 Exchange 229D Main Pump
9T9349 Exchange 231D Main Pump
9T3473 Exchange 235 & 245 Swing & Track Motor
8J6773 Exchange 235 & 245 Swing & Track Motor
9J1993 Exchange 235 & 245 Swing & Track Motor
4T3068 Exchange 235 & 245 Swing Motor
4T3069 Exchange 235 & 245 Track Motor
8J1905 Exchange 235 Main Pump
1U4722 Exchange 235 Main Pump
4T7026 Exchange 235 Main Pump
4T2507 Exchange 235, 235C & 235D Main Pump
9T2507 Exchange 235C Swing Pump
6E3643 Exchange 235D Swing Pump
4T2506 Exchange 245 & 992 Main Pump
8J4380 Exchange 245 & 992 Main Pump
3G7230 Exchange 245 & 992 Main Pump
4T7027 Exchange 245 & 992 Main Pump
4T7028 Exchange 245 Swing Pump
4T7029 Exchange 245 Swing Pump
9T9796 Exchange 245 Swing Pump
8J4379 Exchange 245 Swing Pump (Rear Ported)
3G5956 Exchange 245 Swing Pump (Side Ported)
6E3752 Exchange 245B Swing Pump
9T2306 Exchange 245B Swing Pump
6E5963 Exchange 245D Main Pump
6E4324 Exchange 245D Swing Pump
1214312 Exchange 24H Grader Pump
7i2730 Exchange 307SSR Main Pump w/o Blade Pump
1195407 Exchange 311B Main Pump
4i7634 Exchange 312 Main Pump
1195408 Exchange 312B Main Pump
1211504 Exchange 312BL Pump w/o Pilot Pump
1730663 Exchange 312C Main Pump
1336766 Exchange 315BL Main Pump & Pilot Pump
1057322 Exchange 315BL Main Pump Sub ass'y w/o Pilot Pump
1336792 Exchange 315BL Main Pump W/O Pilot Pump
1763963 Exchange 315C Main Pump
1057321 Exchange 315L Main Pump
1659268 Exchange 318BL Main Pump
874824 Exchange 320 Swing Motor
1077028 Exchange 320//322/325//330B Travel Motor with Brake Valve
1140602 Exchange 320/320L Main Pump
874827 Exchange 320/320L/320N Travel Motor
1547704 Exchange 320/322/325/33B Travel Motor
874828 Exchange 320/325 Main Pump
874717 Exchange 320B Main Pump
1140490 Exchange 320B Main Pump
1232233 Exchange 320B Main Pump
1163545 Exchange 320B Main Pump (Grey Market)
2448483 Exchange 320C Main Pump
2003366 Exchange 320C Main Pump
1733381 Exchange 320C Main Pump with Pilot Pump
1588986 Exchange 320C Swing Motor
1077029 Exchange 320L/320C/322B/330BL Travel Motor
7i7590 Exchange 322 Main Pump (Low S/N)
1140603 Exchange 322 Main Pump (Mid S/N)
1140507 Exchange 322 Swing Motor
1232231 Exchange 322B Main Pump
1184109 Exchange 322B Swing Motor
1347133 Exchange 322B/330B Travel Motor
1347131 Exchange 322B/330BL Travel Motor
1733519 Exchange 322C Main Pump
2003369 Exchange 322C Main Pump
2042773 Exchange 322C Main Pump
1140604 Exchange 325 Main Pump
7Y4299 Exchange 325 Swing Motor
7Y4273 Exchange 325 Swing Motor Sub ass'y
7Y4403 Exchange 325 Travel Motor Brake Valve
7Y4260 Exchange 325/325/325N/T425 Travel Motor
7Y4002 Exchange 325/325L/325N Main Pump
5i8728 Exchange 325/325L/330/330B/L/N Swing Motor
1028353 Exchange 325/330/330L/350L Swing Motor
1539184 Exchange 325B Main Pump
1874127 Exchange 325B Travel Motor
1077054 Exchange 325B/330B/330BL Swing Motor
1232229 Exchange 325BL Main Pump
2003343 Exchange 325C Main Pump
2003414 Exchange 325C Main Pump
1799775 Exchange 325C Swing Motor
2152442 Exchange 325C Travel Motor
7Y4288 Exchange 325L Travel Motor & Brake Valve
1713239 Exchange 330 B/L/N Main Pump
7Y4009 Exchange 330 Main Pump
1289062 Exchange 330 Main Pump
1140605 Exchange 330 Main Pump
1597779 Exchange 330 Main Pump
7Y4238 Exchange 330 Track Motor
1874128 Exchange 330B Travel Motor
2159952 Exchange 330BL & 321D Travel Motor
1232235 Exchange 330BL Main Pump
1539185 Exchange 330BL Main Pump
1843829 Exchange 330BL Swing Motor
1843834 Exchange 330BL Swing Motor sub ass'y
1948383 Exchange 330C Main Pump
2160038 Exchange 330C Main Pump
2502564 Exchange 330C Main Pump
1905970 Exchange 330C Travel Motor
3154393 Exchange 330D Main Pump
2836116 Exchange 330D Main Pump & Pilot Pump
3228733 Exchange 330D Main Pump with Pilot Pump
1373722 Exchange 332B/325/330L Travel Motor
1231993 Exchange 345B Main Pump
1850220 Exchange 345B Main Pump
1475789 Exchange 345B Swing Motor (w/o Sol.Valve)
1231998 Exchange 345B Swing Motor (With Sol. Valve)
1659337 Exchange 345B Swing Motor w/o Brake Valve
1659336 Exchange 345B Swing Motor with Electro-Brake Valve
2160032 Exchange 345B-II Main Pump
2835975 Exchange 345B-II Main Pump
3119542 Exchange 345B-II Main Pump
2478975 Exchange 345B-II Main Pump
3228732 Exchange 345C Main Pump
2836084 Exchange 345C Main Pump
2590818 Exchange 345C Main Pump
0874750-H Exchange 350 Main Pump (All s/n)
1076478 Exchange 350 Main Pump Sub Ass`y
1140631 Exchange 350 Main Pump Sub ass`y (High S/N)
0874750-L Exchange 350 Pump Ass`y
1119989 Exchange 350 Swing Motor No 1 with Reliefs
1119990 Exchange 350L Swing Motor
7Y4005 Exchange 375 Main Double Pump
1076438 Exchange 375 Main Pump Front Section
1076439 Exchange 375 Main Pump Rear Section
1057282 Exchange 375 Swing Pump
1559912 Exchange 570/580 Hydrostatic Pump
966850 Exchange 70 Main Pump
1100921 Exchange 953C Hydrostatic Pump with Gear Pump
9T5619 Exchange 953C Main Pump w/o Gear Pump
4T3071 Exchange 963 Track Motor
1U3840 Exchange 992B/C & 994 (LH) Fix Displ. Pump
3G2848 Exchange 992B/C & 994 (RH) Fix Displ. Pump
9T3029 Exchange D5H & D5HLGP Pump
9T7099 Exchange D6H & D6H LP Pump & Aux. Pump
9T3680 Exchange D6H & D6H LP Pump w/o Aux. Pump
9T3749 Exchange D6N & D8N Steering Motor
9T1586 Exchange D7H & D8N Main Pump
9T8647 Exchange D7H & D8N Main Pump
9T8346 Exchange D8R Main Pump
1R9816 Exchange E/EL240 Main Pump (Latest)
860516 Exchange E/EL300 Swing Pump
854439 Exchange E/EL300B Swing Motor with Brake
995379 Exchange E110B Main Pump
855224 Exchange E110B Main Pump w/o Pilot Pump
996534 Exchange E110B/E120B Swing Motor
990246 Exchange E120B Main Pump
5i4534 Exchange E180 Main Pump
991331 Exchange E180/EL180 Main Pump
997654 Exchange E180/EL180 Main Pump
969972 Exchange E180/EL180 Main Pump
1R9902 Exchange E200/EL200B Main Pump
854530 Exchange E200/EL200B Main Pump
994380 Exchange E200/EL200B Swing Motor
5i4537 Exchange E240/EL240 Main Pump
5i5668 Exchange E300B/EL300B Main Pump
854633 Exchange E300B/EL300B Main Pump
857363 Exchange E300B/EL300B Travel Motor
996131 Exchange E300B/EL320B Swing Motor
996612 Exchange E70B Main Pump w/o Blade
5i9125 Exchange E70B Pump w/o Blade Pump (High S/N)
855787 Exchange E70B Pump with Blade Pump
969415 Exchange EL240 Main Pump (SPV10/10)
419648 Exchange EL240 Swing Motor
860512 Exchange EL300 Main Pump
990900 Exchange EL300 Swing Motor
962659 Exchange EL300 Swing Motor with Brake
1111868 Exchange M318 Swing Motor

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