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Steering Gears and Controls



This list represents the numbers for complete steering assemblies we have in our database, many of which we can provide as complete assemblies or assist you with repair parts. Please contact us at 1-800-773-9791 to discuss your needs for a specific item.



100579 Power Strg. Gear

100658 Manual Strg. Gear

100659 Manual Strg. Gear

100852 Column Assembly

102400 Manual Strg. Gear

102687 Power Strg. Gear

103050 Power Strg. Gear

103096 Power Strg. Gear

104086 Power Strg. Gear

104155 Manual Strg. Gear

105721 Power Strg. Gear

105722 Power Strg. Gear

105724 Power Strg. Gear

105737 Power Strg. Gear

106173 Strg. Control Unit

106174 Column Assembly

106231 Strg. Control Assembly

106237 Strg. Control Assembly

107312 Power Strg. Gear

107313 Column Assembly

108244 Power Strg. Gear

112789 Manual Strg. Gear

117959 Strg. Control Unit

118025 Strg. Control Assembly

118026 Column Assembly

118318 Power Strg. Gear

118821 Manual Strg. Gear

118823 Power Strg. Gear

123247 Strg. Control Unit

137410 Power Strg. Gear

507873 Column Assembly

507876 Manual Strg. Gear

511100 Manual Strg. Gear

9040E1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040F2 Power Strg. Gear

9040H1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040J1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040R1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040T2 Manual Strg. Gear

9040Y1 Power Strg. Gear

991075 Manual Strg. Gear

997200 Strg. Control Unit

997220 Strg. Control Unit

997221 Strg. Control Unit

997222 Column Assembly

494MRS1 Column Assembly

9040AB1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040AB2 Manual Strg. Gear

9040AE1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040AG1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040AJ1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040AL1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040AL2 Manual Strg. Gear

9040AM1 Power Strg. Gear

9040AN1 Column Assembly

9040AN2 Power Strg. Gear

9040AP1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040AW1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040AY1 Strg. Control Assembly

9040BA1 Power Strg. Gear Assy.

9040BB1 Power Strg. Gear

9040BB2 Power Strg. Gear

9040BD1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040BE1 Power Strg. Gear

9040BE2 Power Strg. Gear

9040BE4 Power Strg. Gear

9040BG4 Manual Strg. Gear

9040BG6 Manual Strg. Gear

9040BG7 Manual Strg. Gear

9040BG8 Manual Strg. Gear

9040BH1 Manual Strg. Gear

9040BH2 Manual Strg. Gear

9040BJ3 Manual Strg. Gear

A9040C1 Power Strg. Gear

A9040C2 Power Strg. Gear

109U3924X Manual Strg. Gear

110U3924Z Manual Strg. Gear

73U3924X8 Manual Strg. Gear

109U3924Z3 Power Strg. Gear

315-542-0506 Strg. Control Unit

320-542-1201 Strg. Control Unit

323-540-0900 Manual Strg. Gear

323-542-0506 Strg. Control Unit

323-542-1205 Strg. Control Unit

324-542-1202 Strg. Control Unit

330-542-1005 Column Assembly

330-542-1205 Strg. Control Unit

331-542-1201 Strg. Control Unit

332-542-0500 Strg. Control Unit

332-542-0580 Strg. Control Unit

332-542-1200 Strg. Control Unit

350-542-1200 Strg. Control Assembly

350-542-1202 Strg. Control Unit

351-542-1201 Strg. Control Assembly

351-542-1202 Strg. Control Assembly

351-542-1203 Strg. Control Unit

351-542-1203 Strg. Control Unit

351-542-1209 Strg. Control Unit

351-542-1209 Strg. Control Unit

351-542-1213 Strg. Control Unit

352-542-1200 Strg. Control Unit

352-542-1203 Strg. Control Unit

8472-955-599 Strg. Control Assembly

A2027090-003 Strg. Control Unit


118318 Power Steering Gear
118318 Power Steering Gear
Product ID : 118318STAM
Price: $1,575.00

Linde 351-542-1213 Steering Valve
Linde 351-542-1213 Steering Valve
Product ID : 3515421213STAM
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Repair Kit - Saginaw 530 Gears - 1" Column Shaft
Repair Kit - Saginaw 530 Gears - 1" Column Shaft
Product ID : RK250STAM
Price: $276.50

Repair Kit - Saginaw 530 Gears - 3/4" Column Shaft
Repair Kit - Saginaw 530 Gears - 3/4" Column Shaft
Product ID : RK350STAM
Price: $285.90

Repair Kit - Saginaw 548 Gears - 1" Column Shaft
Repair Kit - Saginaw 548 Gears - 1" Column Shaft
Product ID : RK375STAM
Price: $295.87

Repair Kit - Saginaw 549 Gears -1" Keyed Column Shaft
Repair Kit - Saginaw 549 Gears -1" Keyed Column Shaft
Product ID : RK390STAM
Price: $290.24

Standard Seal Kit for Steering Valves
Standard Seal Kit for Steering Valves
Product ID : SK120STAM
Price: $223.90





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