Toyota Forklift

Steering Gears and Controls



This list represents the numbers for complete steering assemblies we have in our database, many of which we can provide as complete assemblies or assist you with repair parts. Please contact us at 1-800-773-9791 to discuss your needs for a specific item.


45100-10110-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45100-10180-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45100-10190-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45100-20170-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45100-20190-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45100-30200-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45102-30200-71 Housing Assembly

45102-30201-71 Housing Assembly

45110-10110-71 Manual Stg. Gear

45110-10180-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45110-30200-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45120-30200-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45120-30201-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45200-10340-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45200-10480-71 Manual Steering Gear

45200-10560-71 Manual Steering Gear

45200-30200-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45200-30201-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45200-32720-71 Power Steering Gear

45210-10340-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45210-10480-71 Manual Steering Gear

45210-10481-71 Manual Steering Gear

45210-10560-71 Manual Steering Gear

45210-10561-71 Manual Steering Gear

45210-11330-71 Manual Steering Gear

45210-11630-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-11631-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-12240-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-13200-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-20170-71 Manual Strg. Gear

45210-22070-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-22071-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-22072-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-30750-71 Power Strg. Gear

45210-31620-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-31621-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-31622-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-31623-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-32650-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-32651-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-32652-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-33900-71 Strg. Control Unit

45210-33910-71 Strg. Control Unit

45220-11630-71 Strg. Control Unit

45220-11631-71 Strg. Control Unit

45220-11632-71 Strg. Control Unit

45220-11633-71 Strg. Control Unit

45220-12240-71 Strg. Control Unit

45220-13200-71 Strg. Control Unit

45220-32650-71 Strg. Control Unit

45220-32651-71 Strg. Control Unit

45230-12240-71 Strg. Control Unit

45500-32580-71 Power Steering Gear

45510-22750-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-32381-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-32382-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-32383-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-32580-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-32581-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-32582-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-32583-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U1040-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U1090-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U1130-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U1160-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U1200-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U2040-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U2090-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U2100-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U2160-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U2170-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U2200-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U3100-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U3160-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U3332-71 Strg. Control Unit

45510-U3470-71 Strg. Control Unit

45700-20540-71 Power Strg. Gear

45700-22550-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-12160-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-12161-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-12400-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-12401-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-20540-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-20541-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-20542-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-23000-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-23800-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-31960-71 Power Strg. Gear

45710-32880-71 Power Steering Gear

45710-32881-71 Power Steering Gear

45710-43631-71 Power Steering Gear

45720-12400-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-12401-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-13000-71 Power Steering Gear

45720-13800-71 Power Steering Gear

45720-20540-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-20541-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-20542-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-20543-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-21400-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-21401-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-21402-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-23000-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-23800-71 Power Steering Gear

45720-31220-71 Power Strg. Gear

45720-31221-71 Power Strg. Gear

45730-23000-71 Power Strg. Gear

45750-23601-71 Power Steering Gear

45800-12000-71 Power Strg. Gear

45800-12001-71 Power Strg. Gear

45800-20540-71 Power Strg. Gear

45800-22000-71 Power Strg. Gear

45810-12000-71 Power Strg. Gear

45810-12000-71 Power Strg. Gear

45810-12001-71 Power Strg. Gear

45810-12002-71 Power Strg. Gear

45820-12001-71 Power Strg. Gear

45900-22001-71 Power Strg. Gear

45900-22060-71 Power Strg. Gear

45900-22063-71 Power Strg. Gear





45510-U1160-71 Steering Valve
45510-U1160-71 Steering Valve
Product ID : 45510-U1160-71STAM
Price: $1,535.00

45510-U1200-71 Steering Valve
45510-U1200-71 Steering Valve
Product ID : 45510-U1200-71STAM
Price: $1,599.00

45510-U2160-71 Steering Valve
45510-U2160-71 Steering Valve
Product ID : 45510-U2160-71STAM
Price: $1,525.00

45510-U2170-71 Steering Valve
45510-U2170-71 Steering Valve
Product ID : 45510-U2170-71STAM
Price: $1,495.00

45510-U2200-71 Steering Valve
45510-U2200-71 Steering Valve
Product ID : 45510-U2200-71STAM
Price: $1,529.00

45510-U3160-71 Steering Valve
45510-U3160-71 Steering Valve
Product ID : 45510-U3160-71STAM
Price: $1,558.42

45510-U3270-71 Steering Valve
45510-U3270-71 Steering Valve
Product ID : 45510-U3270-71STAM
Price: $1,525.00

45510-U3470-71 Steering Valve
45510-U3470-71 Steering Valve
Product ID : 45510-U3470-71STAM
Price: $1,465.00

Seal Kit for Sauer Danfoss OSPB/OSPC
Seal Kit for Sauer Danfoss OSPB/OSPC
Product ID : SK170STAM
Price: $248.00

Seal Kit for Sauer Danfoss OSPM
Seal Kit for Sauer Danfoss OSPM
Product ID : SK143STAM
Price: $248.25

Standard Seal Kit for Steering Valves
Standard Seal Kit for Steering Valves
Product ID : SK120STAM
Price: $223.90

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