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Steering Gears and Controls




This list represents the numbers for complete steering assemblies we have in our database, many of which we can provide as complete assemblies or assist you with repair parts. Please contact us at 1-800-773-9791 to discuss your needs for a specific item.


12194-12013 Manual Strg. Gear

12194-12014 Manual Strg. Gear

12574-12012 Manual Strg. Gear

12774-10201 Manual Strg. Gear

14354-10201 Power Strg. Gear

14624-10201 Strg. Control Unit

15594-10201 Column Assy.

15594-10301 Power Strg. Gear

15604-10201 Strg. Control Unit

15604-10201 Strg. Control Unit

15604-10202 Strg. Control Unit

15784-10201 Power Strg. Gear

17234-10201 Power Strg. Gear

17234-10202 Power Strg. Gear

17444-10201 Power Strg. Gear

21234-10201 Power Strg. Gear

21234-10202 Power Strg. Gear

21254-10201 Power Strg. Gear

23234-10201 Power Steering Gear

24064-12013 Strg. Control Unit

24234-10201 Power Strg. Gear

272E4-10601 Strg. Control Unit

522Q2-10701 Power Steering Gear

524W2-40251 Strg. Control Unit

55592-10601 Power Steering Gear

55952-40201 Power Strg. Gear

FA72E-10402 Strg. Control Unit

FA72E4-10402 Strg. Control Unit

HC32G4-10101 Strg. Control Unit

HC15604-10202 Strg. Control Unit



15604-10201 Steering Valve
15604-10201 Steering Valve
Product ID : 15604-10201STAM
Price: $1,549.00

24064-12013 TCM Steering Valve
24064-12013 TCM Steering Valve
Product ID : 24064-12013STAM
Price: $1,854.00






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